Getting Back Home

What happens when the disaster you’ve been preparing for happens when you’re not home? Have what you need - away from home - so you can get back to the ones you love most.

Preparing Your Home is Only Half the Battle

You can spend a lot of time preparing your home in case of emergencies or disasters and get your family ready to evacuate should the need arise. But the truth is, none of that will help you if the emergency you're preparing for happens while you are away from home. Being prepared with “away from home” emergency plans and kits can provide you and your family with much needed supplies and helpful items in what could be a difficult situation.

There are many disasters or emergencies that could keep you stranded where you are:

  • severe weather
  • massive earthquake
  • devastating fire
  • police-ordered lockdown
  • ...just to name a few.

4 Categories of Focus

  • School Kit
  • Work Kit
  • Auto Kit
  • Get Back Home kit

School and work kits may not suite you or your family. If this is the case, tailor the first two categories to fit your family's lifestyle and daily activities by asking yourself: "Where do we spend most of our time while away from home?"

Let's Take a Look at Each Kit

Auto Kit

Cars can experience problems at any time. We've all learned that the hard way. Here are some items to keep in your car that can make that bad experience a bit better to deal with. Whether your good with tools or just want to stay comfortable until help arrives, you'll find this kit helpful.

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Get Back Home Kit

If the streets are shut down for any substatial amount of time, driving home may not be an option. This kit provides an adult with needed supplies that can make this trek much easier. Be sure to keep a good pair of walking shoes in your trunk along side your get back home kit.

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School Kit

It is not uncommon for schools to have emergency plans in place to keep their children safe from a range of emergency events, like crime, natural disasters, and accidents. This is a kit you can send to school with your child for added peace of mind.

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Office Kit

Unless required by OSHA, companies are not required to have emergency plans or supplies in place. Be sure to ask your company about any emergency plans they have in place and what supplies they have on hand. Having your own emergency kit can give you added peace of mind.

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